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Original Artwork and Design by Sandra Staple
The Canadian Artist: Sandra Staple

I can't remember when I started drawing or painting. My mother is a local artist and I grew up watching her paint in both water-colors and oils. I remember painting with her at a very young age, and it was early on that my subject matter turned towards animals both real and imagined. I never lost my passion for art, and when I graduated from High School I received an award for Excellence in Art and a distinction in Art and English.

Sandra Staple

Home Sweet Home
Well, obviously I'm from Canada. I live on the East Coast, in Nova Scotia. I've lived here all my life and love it here, although I do like to travel. Nova Scotia has a diverse culture and beautiful scenery, and I wouldn't want to make my home anywhere else. Even though much of my artwork is rooted in the fantasy realm, I also have a soft spot for local wildlife and urban living alike.

Family Life
Jason and I were married in October 2002. Jason and I have a little boy named Logan born in the spring of 2013, and a (not so little now) girl, Chloe, born in the spring of 2007. We found out in November 2008 that Chloe has Type 1 Diabetes, an auto-immune disorder where some of her own white-blood cells attack and destroy the beta cells in her Pancreas that create insulin. So unfortunately this has become a large part of our life now as we constantly balance blood sugars, insulin, carbs, and activities. I don't think I have had a solid night's sleep now in 9 years as I get up every night (at least once) to check Chloe's sugar! I also come from a large household, having three younger brothers and thirty-three cousins.

Education and Experience
I graduated from Saint Mary's University in 2000 with a major in Computing Science and a minor in Creative Writing for my Bachelor of Commerce. During that time I was unable to draw or paint as much as I wanted to, but I was able to exhibit in the Saint Mary's Art Gallery.

I work for Bell Aliant and have for the past 16 years now. I am currently a Business Analyst and work closely with our different vendors. In my free time I continue to build and maintain this website, which I have been managing since 1997.

I continue to build my career artistically as well, and enjoy drawing, painting and sculpting whenever I get the chance.

In July 2008 I published my first book, "Drawing Dragons." It is a 160 page book with lots of wonderful (If I can say so myself) full page illustrations and tips on drawing, adding detail to, and shading (yes, shading!) dragons. For more information on this book, please visit my Store.

I also have several pieces published in different books and as book covers.

 Why the Canadian Dragon? Read the Story of The Great Canadian Dragon here.
This page was originally created in 1997 because I am proud to be Canadian. Rather than taking insult to every stereotype surrounding Canada I chose to laugh at them, knowing that I am probably no better with my lack of knowledge regarding other countries. Besides, it is cold up here in the winter! It's not much colder here in Nova Scotia than in New York however, but we measure temperature in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit, so it sounds much colder when we say it's 0 degrees!

As for dragons, well... this is my tribute to a great creature that has sparked the imagination for thousands of years. You can read about how the Great Canadian Dragon was born; It all started with a story I wrote in 1997 when my website first launched as a one-page, free hosted, simple HTML site.

                                                 Why the Canadian Dragon? Read the Story of The Great Canadian Dragon here.

 Frequently Asked Questions
Have you found the perfect drawing for your tatoo in my gallery? Or perhaps you are looking for some tips on drawing? Before you send an email, you may want to read my Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you don't find your answers there, feel free to send me an email!

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