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Watercolor Painting Gallery

Sketches and Doodles: Featuring Dragons & Unicorns

Most of these doodles were drawn back in University, in class. A few were done while on long calls at work, or at long meetings. They are drawn in different mediums ranging from ball-point pen, pencil, cheap colored pencils, and sometimes high-lighters.

Click on the thumbnails to the right to view the full images.

I do have some original drawings for sale. Click here for a list of available drawings in my Store, or request a commission piece.

There are also prints available for some of these drawings and doodles, which you can view in my CafePress Store.

Drawing Tip: These graphite pencil drawings were drawn using various pencils; mainly HB, B, 2B, and F. I don't usually use softer pencils because they smudge too much, and harder pencils leave dent lines in the paper.

Commission Requests
I do take commission requests for artwork including paintings, drawings, sculptures etc. Prices depend on how long each piece takes. For more information, please visit The Canadian Dragon Store.

Prints and More
Support this site- Purchase prints from CafePress! Help support this website and purchase an art print! I have many items featuring my artwork available on CafePress such as prints, postcards, notepads, buttons, and even t-shirts and hats. Please visit my CafePress Store for a complete list of items and designs.

Art Gallery Updates
For a list of updates to my art gallery, photography gallery, and website, please visit my Updates Page.

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